Randy Dixon

Randy Dixon

Architecture Resume - Art Resume

I have always had a strong interest in both art and architecture, and I pursued both careers in tandem; teaching, working, and studying both subjects simultaneously. In my 30+ years as an artist and architect, I have earned multiple degrees in both Art and Architecture from the University of Illinois, Illinois State University, and the California College of Arts and Crafts. I worked for noted architectural firms, traveled through Europe for architectural research with the Plym Traveling Fellowship, and obtained my architect license in both Illinois and California.

My ideas and developments in each of the fields have always strongly influenced my work in the other. While my art is based on one's metaphorical experiences with the building and its elements, my architecture strives for an aesthetic with poetic meaning for the user beyond fulfilling basic environmental concerns.

In 1994 I established Randy Dixon, Art + Architecture to be able to develop my conceptual art in more depth and to practice architecture in a more artful and unique way. In my art, I explore common architectural elements and interpret them metaphorically, expressing the deeper meanings through thought provoking archiSculptures. One of my architecural focuses has been on the design of religious buildings, worship spaces, liturgical furniture and religious art as a consultant with the Oakland Diocesan Committee for the Environment and Art for Catholic Worship.

As an artist and architect, I provide design consultation, planning, architecture, interior design, furniture design, and art. My clientele ranges from individuals to small businesses and large corporations. I bring them a unique perspective to problem solving, and am an effective liaison between the various parties involved in the process. Please contact me for more information about any of my artworks or architectural projects, or if you are interested in consulting with me for any prospective projects.

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